Fabriano Aquarello – new friends

Angelo Gorlini, masterclass in Fabriano 2017

A short report of watercolor painting with historical recaps, starting from when I gave up the dream of becoming an artist and possibly now 45 years later, make an effort to at least pick upp the brush and use some of all new tools that three days in Fabriano showed.

In 1970 in my early 20 years of age i dreamt of becoming an artist but turned out in mediaproduction and filmmaking. In 1985, I used a 14 days vacation to paint watercolor of the landscape and cycle around the beautiful swedish Öland (Island-island). It resulted in 14 pieces and 4 of them participated in an exhibition 2013 (Summerdreams). But still no restart of painting.

Lena Armstrand, Elisbeth Winkel-Zoladz, Torild Inger Børretzen, Lena J Fahlén at Fabriano welcome party 2017

So all of a sudden I got a new chanse thanks to Elisabeth Winkel-Zoladz and that made it possible for a restart. So we decided to take a chance with my watercolor-painting from 1974 of a finnish cottage outside Pietarsaari. It was accepted and of we went to Fabriano, staying at Residenza La Ceramica.

Aine Divine and Ritva Peratt among street artists at Piazza del Commune, Fabriano 2017

We met Aine Divine from Scotland and I asked her to give me a private lesson to prepare for a masterclass with Angelo Gorlini the next day.

Aine Divine and Börje Peratt Foto: Ritva Peratt

At the masterclass I suddenly couldn´t find my glases so when we were supposed to do an exercise of painting flower I had to short time to do it and instead made a portrait of Angelo Gorlini using parts of Aine’s and Angelo’s instruction.

Angelo Gorlini portrait: B. Peratt 2017

The meeting with people were very rewarding and it was so nice to see all the artists on the street (slideshow below). We had to leave in early Saturday morning because of a very tough filmmaking schedule at home. But perhaps the days i Fabriano will inspire to paint.

As Angelo said it is an art of more fun than achievement. Aine also presented a new word to me: ”Exactitude”. But watching all fantastic paintings in Fabriano I cannot release my self of the demanding act of watercolor painting. So its a process of joy and requirement. Perhaps the new tools can contribute to currage and the sketched portrait of Angelo has not much of exactitude.

Lots of Thanks to Elisabeth W and all the wonderful people meeting up in Fabriano

Börje Peratt

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